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We put together the highest professional quality and the best sectorial expertise in order to offer to you the most efficient solutions that transform your vision into reality.We put together the highest professional quality and the best sectorial expertise in order to offer to you the most efficient solutions that transform your vision into reality.


We craft visually stunning and intuitive experiences tailored to your target audiences, ensuring seamless interactions that leave a lasting impression. In a world gone mobile, we deliver complex mobile applications that enhance user satisfaction while increasing user base. We work closely with the clients to make sure that our product reflects loyally their brand, their consumer base and business goals. This turns UX/UI experience vital as this drive customer satisfaction, growth in sales and brand loyalty. At LACONICS, we understand that every business has a unique workflow. That’s why our team of designers create custom designs that perfectly fit your needs from the initial concept to the final code.


At Laconics, software development process is a well-defined, step-by-step approach that en­sures that every project we undertake is completed efficiently, on time, and within budget. We take great pride in creating software that is reliable, maintainable, and scal­able. Our expertise encompasses sectors like finance, healthcare, education, retail, FMCG and distribution, transport, entertainment and leisure, real estate, etc – with tailored solutions designed and deployed in most advanced EU markets. See below all the technologies we efficiently use to make every project a unique success.

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Whether you need new internal resources or simply want to have a properly designed software – you can rely on Laconics. Why spending time to add a new department? Why spend money on HR and to create new working space? Why take more legal exposure with hiring or overburden your costs? We are here to respond to all your needs, in a tailored approach, in the best way. Our developers may serve you remotely or even work at your premises; we could manage them or have you lead the process. We offer a European mindset, a CET timetable of service, an affordable and very competitive price for the highest quality of software development, which has made our clients happy and kept them loyal to us.

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We can manage the development of your product / project from the idea to the final step. In the same way, we would happily assist your Product Manager to drive the process – should you prefer it. With an impressive team of developers and designers, Laconics is well positioned to continue delivering cutting-edge technology solutions - independently whether you are looking for a small custom application or a large-scale enterprise solution.

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The consequences of cyber-attacks can be devastating, including financial losses, damage to the brand reputation, and loss of customers' trust. Building robust and secure web ap­plications is our profession. We find it essential to mitigate these risks and therefore we offer a cutting-edge service quality with costs that might surprise you. Start by testing your system. We offer it for free.


Technology continues to transform the way businesses operate and grow, providing new opportunities for innovation, expansion, and profitability. We offer internships to newly graduated students as well as professional training to seasoned experts – who aim to embrace the latest technology upgrades. In this process we have entered in special agreements with the Albanian Institute of Technology, the Albanian Academy of Cybersecurity, a number of universities – both public and private, etc. We aim to preserve a leading role in the market of know-how while being the best employer in the sector.

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