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Dedicated team of experienced developers and data analysts, with a strong business acumen who turn technology into solutions and meet your vision for success.


LACONICS (an Albanian limited company registered with NUIS M02325002F) is a software house specializing in digital transformation and automatization aiming for the highest enterprise efficiency and business growth. The company provides customized digital solutions, cybersecurity services, team augmentation and software design / development in almost all technologies.

In numbers

- A team of 25 in house developers

- A go-to-project pool of 250+ screened, contracted developers

- 45projects completed and ongoing

- 7 EU countries where we outsource (incl. UK, Austria and Germany)

- Partnership with 5 Universities

We Outsource

We are present with services throughout Europe including Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Israel. Almost 80% of our clients are foreign companies, who have chosen to scale up or down, saving costs while accessing the best expertise. Whenever requested we manage the product. Otherwise, we provide Team Augmentation services that help partner companies tailor better their costs and reduce liabilities.

We Speak Every Language (of Technology)

We have 25 in-house software developers and a pool of over 180 high quality developers specializing in over 9 technologies including but not limited to React JS, Java, Angular, .NET, PHP (Lavarel/ Symphony), Magento, etc. At Laconics, we use industry leading cross platform development frameworks like React Native, Xamarin and Flutter to ensure that your mobile app is not only functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly. We are highly skilled in Cybersecurity also; this is why we have partnered with International Police Organization (IPO).

We Learn Every-day, Pro-Actively

LACONICS has partnered with 7 Universities guiding BA & MA students into new global markets while extending its R&D practices. In partnership with startups, think-tanks and UNIs depts. we are building new capacities in R&D incl. Automation, Digital transformation, Cybersecurity and AI – through EU funds.

We Create Opportunities

LACONICS owns a number of products which are going to be launched as startup companies within 2023. We create opportunities for investors to join startup opportunities and maximize the value of their investments.

Our Services

Whatever we do is centered around the client, while customer satisfaction is our key indicator. Our highest satisfaction is your success. Your highest satisfaction is ours.



We work closely with the clients to make sure that our product reflects loyally their brand, their consumer base and business goals. This turns UX/UI experience vital as this drive customer satisfaction, growth in sales and brand loyalty.



Our expertise encompasses sectors like finance, healthcare, education, retail, FMCG and distribution, transport, entertainment and leisure, real estate, etc. – with tailored solutions designed and deployed in most advanced EU markets.


Team augmentation

Whether you need new internal resources or simply want to have a properly designed software – you can rely on LACONICS. Our developers may serve you remotely or even work at your premises; we could manage them or have you lead the process.


Product management

We can manage the development of your product / project from the idea to the final step. In the same way, we would happily assist your Product Manager to drive the process – should you prefer it. We are flexible with it.


Cyber security

Building robust and secure web ap­plications is our profession. We find it essential to mitigate these risks and therefore we offer a cutting-edge service quality with costs that might surprise you.



Technology continues to transform the way businesses operate and grow. We aim to preserve a leading role in the market of know-how while being the best employer in the sector.

Our Recent Work

Since even our first client is always with us, every assignment can be paged into our Recent Work. We love our clients for the richness of their ideas. They love us back for the richness of our skills.


Tech that we use

At LACONICS, we've established our reputation by leveraging a diverse spectrum of cutting-edge technologies and tools to craft exceptional software solutions. With at least 25 in-house and over 180 software developers in our database, we enjoy a wide variety of capabilities. The main ones are listed here.

Our Offices

Whether you need a targeted service to propel your business forward, or a comprehensive approach for more extensive transformations, LACONICS is your expert partner.

Albania Map

LACONICS is situated in the heart of capital Tirana, 100m east of an iconic historic zone as the Old Bazaar (namely “Pazari Ri” in Albanian), 5min walk from Scanderbeg Square (the heart of the city).

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LACONICS is the house of talent aiming to become the Best Employer in Albania within 2025. Apply to grow professionally and register with us.

join('LACONICS').then(() => 'Build the future.').finally(() => 'Retire and start a new life as a farmer.');